Mom’s Homemade Tomato Sauce

Growing up in the 80s, spaghetti was one of Mom's go-to meals for me: Spaghetti noodles with a jar of microwaved sauce on top.  By the time you guys were born, she was learning... (continued in recipe)

Tortillas de Harina

The recipe that took Andrea a year of trial and error to figure out. Foldable tortillas guaranteed!

Vicente’s Favorite No Bake Cookies

The only recipe Andrea has never made. Seems too weird. Somebody give it a try and let me know.  Original recipe published by Sally Tamulewicz.  Grand Prairie, TX 1987. 

Vicente’s Famous Tortilla Soup

Original recipe published by Mrs. Eudelia Herrera. Grand Prairie, TX 1987. Ms. Herrera was a 2nd generation Mexican-American. This is her family recipe. Authentic and Delicious.... (continued in recipe)