Prep Time 10 min Cook Time 15 min Total Time 25 mins Servings: 2


Omurice(オムライス) is a portmanteau of "Omelette" and "rice". It's exactly what it sounds like!

This is a great food for getting really full, while still having a bunch of protein. You can mess around with the ingredients in the rice, but this is generally a great way to finish up some leftovers.



  1. Prep Rice Ingredients

    Cut the green pepper in half vertically,then cut each half into ~5mm strips.

    chop 1/2 onion into 1cm x 1cm slices

    Chop your chicken thigh into thirds, then cut ~2cm slices into the chicken. lightly season with salt + pepper.






  2. Fry Rice

    Place a tablesppon of oil into a frying pan at medium heat. Stir fry the chicken for ~ 2 minutes. Then place the onions.

    Once the onions are no longer firm, add the ketchup and mix until you don't have much liquid left.

    Add the rice, and mix the rice in by "cutting" it repeatedly, avoiding applying pressure to it.

    (You really want to avoid squishy rice with this,imagine you are slicing the rice with the spatula instead of mixing)

    Add the green peppers in last, and mix it in a bit. Add some salt+pepper to taste, and place the rice on two separate plates.




  3. Prep Egg

    In a bowl, mix your egg and milk

    Clean the frypan well, and heat it under a medium fire.


    There are two ways to do the next step: the easy way and the "right" way. If you want to have something cool looking go for the right way

  4. Cook Egg (Easy Mode)

    add butter to the pan and spread evenly

    add the omelette mixture into the pan, stirring gently

    Once the eggs look half done (and definitely before any browning begins), distribute it to both plates and place it on the rice (remember, eggs keep on cooking when they're out of the frypan)!



  5. Cook Egg ("Right" Way)

    add half the butter to the pan and spread evenly

    add half of the omelette mixture into the pan, and let it spread through the entire pan

    avoid breaking the egg, instead allowing it to cook into a thin layer, but _not_ to the point of browning

    try to place the omelette _over the rice_, like a blanket. I've found that just taking the frypan over the plate and sliding the egg, with gravity doing the rest of the work

    美味ドレのオムライスのふわふわ卵簡単作成 by キングコングmk ...

    Repeat this process with the other half of the ingredients (for the other plate)

    finish off by drawing a fun thing with ketchup! Common things include smiley faces, someone's name, hearts, lots of fun options

    ふんわり♪オムライス♪ レシピ・作り方 by ロコ♫ 【クックパッド】


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