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Galette de ble noir (Buckwheat crepe)

Servings 5
  • 3 cups buckwheat flour
  • 1 cup wheat flour
  • 2 eggs
  • 4 cups water (estimate. To be adjusted as necessary)
  • 2 tablespoons oil , olive or other
  • salt
  • butter
  • milk (if necessary, to adjust batter at the end)

The famous savory crepe from Brittany. 

  1. Put both flour in a large mixing bowl and dig a little well in the center. Breaks the eggs into the well,

    1. Whisk the eggs gradually into the flour in a circular motion. Pour the water slowly, whisking all the time. 
    1. Add water, keep whisking, until the batter is fluid but not totally liquid. Add salt. Let rest for several hours, one night if possible.

    Just before using the batter, check consistency, add the oil, adjust with a little milk if not liquid enough (It tends to thicken a little as it rests) 

    1. Now the fun part, make the crepes. It is a little tricky as buckwheat has no gluten and therefore the crepes tend to break. if not careful. Heatup a flat non sticky skillet over high heat. The "non-sticky" part is very important. Otherwise, your guests might not be too impressed with the result.....  Use a piece of butter to grease the skillet.  I hold it in a paper towel to keep my fingers dry. You may also use a paper towel soaked with oil.
      1. Pour a ladleful of batter and spread out the batter . You can pour excess back in the batter bowl. 

      Let heat up for about 1 minute, until it looks solid. Better to wait longer than not enough. With a spatula lift a little, grab the side with your fingers and flip it over very quickly. This is definitely the time of truth ! Past this point, your crepe is safe. Just wait another 30 seconds. and put it on a large plate for later. 

      Note: for the first crepe, just pour a little batter, it will be easier and give you a good sense of how to proceed with a larger crepe. 

      1. I always choose to prepare the crepes ahead of time because I do not want to spend my time preparing crepes while others are enjoying them! You can also add filling right when you make the crepes, right after flipping it. 

      If prepared ahead of time:

      Regrease skillet, add the crepe, then your filling on top. I personally fold the crepe in a rectangle shape, using a spatula to press the crepe on the four sides to obtain the rectangle.

      Some filling suggestions :

      • Egg, cheese, ham, or sausage (veggie or real version) . The egg may be cooked ahead of time or directly on the crepe
      • mushroom, onions. Can add some sourcream and herbs (chives, etc) . Or cheese
      • Sourcream + mashed blue cheese + walnuts.