Advanced ASP NET Core 3.1 MVC

ABP can automagically configures your application services as MVC API Controllers by convention. BookAppService uses IObjectMapper to convert Book objects to BookDto objects and CreateUpdateBookDto objects to Book objects. The Startup template uses the AutoMapper library as the object mapping provider.

You need to click on install on the left-right screen after selecting the project. Every public method in a controller is callable as an HTTP endpoint. ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT when ConfigureWebHostDefaults is called. The default ASP.NET Core web app templates call ConfigureWebHostDefaults. The ASPNETCORE_ENVIRONMENT value overrides DOTNET_ENVIRONMENT. Includes a Configure method to create the app’s request processing pipeline. The app’s request handling pipeline is defined, as a series of middleware components.

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The loction.reload() refreshes the page and $.notify message is basically getting handled by the notify.js file you added before. Let’s install another library called FontAwesome which is an awesome library that has text-based icons that makes your web-pages look pretty.

Is NET Core 3.1 deprecated?

NET Core version 3.1 is being deprecated on December 13, 2022.

First, we’ve defined a custom URL i.e. /employee/table-view-data. Don’t get confused this URL is just a way for us to tell the controller which route to call. It’ll get clear when we’ll work on EmployeeController.cs shortly. Then we in the constructor we made a custom method named init() and then we add a definition of that function in which we’re calling another custom function initTable(). The reason why we are making so many custom functions is that it’ll make it easier in the future when we’ll be adding more functionalities like search, edit, add, etc.


Validation is supported in ASP.NET Core by decorating your model object with data annotation validation attributes. Before values are sent to the server, the validation attributes are checked on the client-side. The framework validates request data on both the client and the server. The controller is the initial entry point in the MVC architecture, and it is responsible for deciding which model types to interact with and which view to present. Hence its name is the controller as it responds to a given request. Abp-card and abp-table are tag helpers for Twitter Bootstrap’s card component.

  • We have a list of the Best Online Courses to Learn C# to help you get started.
  • But big constructors are actually an indication that the controller itself is too big.
  • You can also use regular HTML tags instead of these tag helpers, but using tag helpers reduces HTML code and prevents errors by help of the intellisense and compile time type checking.
  • At first this might seem problematic for controller classes, because they can act as gateway to the business layer and the API signature follows the naming of controllers and their actions.

Usually data needs to be serialized to json and then it needs to be deserialized while rendering to view. We will create a simple .Net core MVC project for consuming the web API created above.

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In this step, you will add views for Department and Employee Area. Department Area View will display the list of sales locations with the link to see employees that belong to a specific locations. In the next sections, we’ll add methods to implement the API.

  • If you were to take any point from this long description it should be that the id name i.e. employees_list and other tags’ importance that they are the same as defined in HTML pages.
  • This is an HTTP POST method, indicated by the attribute.
  • As you can see this request is a POST request and expect a JSON response and if it’ll be successful we’ll show a success message otherwise a failed message.
  • It is a common code smell named Constructor over-injection.

Here add SalesController that is related to Department Area. ASP.NET Core has built-in support for MVC building Web APIs. Unifying the two frameworks makes it simpler to build apps that include both UI and APIs, because now they share the same code base and pipeline. Asp.Net Example web application showing the capabilities of ASP.NET Core 2 MVC, EF , Web API, Bootstrap, jQuery, datatables, adminlte template and many more. This behavior is typically preferable, because it would otherwise force you to add quite some infrastructural code to get this data back.

Consuming Web API In .Net Core 3.1 MVC

To continue using features provided by packages references we removed, you need to add new assemblies for 3.0. If that all works then PLEASE DELETE your global.json file so we don’t get versions confused. Also I suggest you terminate your watch using Ctrl + c. As in Model-View-Controller architecture, the parameter of an action method is bound to the incoming request by matching values in the query string, URL, or body of the request. Razor Pages, on the other hand, bound the incoming request with the properties of PageModel. Go to Admin Area
Go to Admin Area
Go to Admin Area
You can also redirect to any action method from same or different Area. The following code redirects current action method to Home controller’s, index action method, of Admin Area.

ASP.NET Core 3.1 MVC Lessons

As Area is meant to partition large Web applications into smaller logical groups. So Department related functionality will be added to Department Area and Employee related functionality will be added to Employee Area.

Dependency Injection in ASP.NET Core 2

ASP.NET Core MVC allows you to implement custom validation logic inside model classes using the IValidatableObject interface. Although there is nothing inherently wrong with placing validation logic inside the model object itself, problems start to appear when that validation logic requires services to work.

ASP.NET Core 3.1 MVC Lessons

Read more ASP.NET programming tutorials and software development tips. ASP.NET Core 3.1 MVC Lessons To create a Razor Page in a .NET Core app, open up Visual Studio.

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